Gears bracingToolmaker company "Čelik" Stara Pazova - We make all kinds of gears and machine elements on your measures or drawing.


Toolmaker company Čelik Stara Pazova

As the first and main activity of our company is production of a gear, which is later spread on the all other mechanical elements that are used in diverse industries. We are recently among the existing classical machines included a numerically controlled lathe (CNC), with which we want to promote, improve and speed up the production process itself, and that we have the ability to produce gears and machine parts in smaller batches.


Company history

Toolmaker company "Čelik" was founded in 1986. with headquarters in Stara Pazova, a town that was, and still is known for its highly developed industry and small enterprises. The main activity of our company is the manufacture of all types of gears and other machine elements.



We will not stop here because the demands of the market are such that everything must be faster and better. Production of specific parts is carried out in several ways based on a sample that brings client, based on the accompanying technical documentation (drawings) or in some other way.

Making custom gears

Made by measure

Of course, there is a possibility of consultation so that we together find more adequate solutions in the shortest possible time. For everything that is not specified or if there is something that is not clear, you can feel free to contact us by e-mail, by phone or come personally to the our address.


General mechanical elements for the purpose of:

• Machine industry
• Textile industry
• Bakery / Milling
• Food industry
• Printing industry
• Agricultural
• Construction industry

The scope of activities that cover:

• Classic scraping
• CNC scraping, CNC milling (4 axle)
• External gearing (straight and spiral)
• Worm wheels and worms
• Internal and external cylindrical grinding
• Making sprocket
• Tapered right gearing on the principle Harbeck
• Internal toothing (tooth length to 120mm)